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 Since 1992 We promote organic and ethical handmade African Fashion ! 

 Environmental Benefits: Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and other harmful chemicals. This reduces the amount of pollution that is released into the environment, which can have a positive impact on soil and water quality.

 Health Benefits: Farmers and workers who grow and harvest organic cotton are not exposed to harmful chemicals, which can lead to health problems such as respiratory issues, skin irritation, and cancer.

 Economic Benefits: Organic cotton farming can provide economic opportunities for small-scale farmers in Africa. It can also help to reduce the cost of inputs such as pesticides and fertilizers, which can make farming more affordable for farmers.

 Social Benefits: Organic cotton farming can help to promote social justice by providing fair wages and working conditions for farmers and workers. This can help to support local communities and improve the quality of life for those who are involved in the production of organic cotton.

 High Quality Products: African organic cotton is known for its high quality and durability. This means that products made from African organic cotton are likely to last longer and be of a higher quality than products made from conventionally grown cotton. This can be beneficial for consumers who are looking for high quality, sustainable products.

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Pierre B

Amazing texture , perfect fit , really good Shirt ! 

Le Monde

The King Of Organic coton 100% Burkina Faso  !